In die making, punches are round rods used to cut holes in the material. They are more suitable than bent rule because they are very consistent and can cut circles that would usually be far too small. There are a massive variety of hole punches available to printers and die makers, where you can choose any height and diameter. This is where Fine Formes can help you make these decisions. Below is a breakdown of the common types of punches and each of them can be made in any form of height and diameter.

Dome end
These punches, also known as a cup punch, are the cheapest option. They eject back into the material so the waste is left in the card which may not be suitable for all die cutting. Dome end also do not need ejection rubber; instead the first run will often leave some card in the dome end and serve as ejection. These punches are not suitable for hard or thick material.

Spring eject
Very similar to dome end, spring eject punches have a spring with a brass cap inside the punch to serve as powerful ejection. This also leaves the problem of the waste being left in the material, which may or may not be suitable depending on your purpose.

Side eject
To stop the waste being left in the material, side eject can be used. This punch pushes the waste down and out into a well in the die that is created by Fine Formes to suit. The well can then be emptied by the die cutter when needed. This method guarantees ejection and a clear hole.

Back clearing
The idea of back clearing punches is that the waste is pushed out the back of the die and out of the way. This is ensured because the hole at the base of the punch is slightly larger than the hole at the top. These punches are often used on hard materials such as leather and plastic, and so are often seen on clicker press dies.

Inside bevel back clearing
With an inside bevel, these punches serve the same purpose as the traditional back clearing punches with the added bonus of being able to cut through multiple layers. The layers of waste are compressed and ensures that there is not splitting on the material.

Crew punches, also called slot punches, are used in the handbag industry on leather products to create slots. These punches are elongated and therefore not perfectly circular.

Fine Formes would be happy to assist in making decisions around punches depending on your individual requirements. Feel free to contact us below with any enquiries or quotes.